Selection criteria documents are required when applying for roles such as: government positions, professional appointments, roles with large organisations and specialist positions. Unfortunately, addressing these selection criteria by yourself can be especially daunting. That's where Ptype Global can help. 


Ptype Global can tailor your selection criteria responses to market your skills and experience in the best way possible. Working with a designated Ptype Global career coach will give your application the best chance, as well as helping to boost your confidence before a prospective interview, by affirming your skills and abilities.


Selection criteria documents present a series of statements of claims against the requirements of the role. This means that if a job advertisment specifically asks for one, then it is likely to be the most important document in your application. Even if you are simply submitting a selection criteria document as an addition to you resume (i.e. no selection criteria document is asked for, however the role description implicitly requires one), it's important to get it right. Selection criteria documents are used to assess your abilities against those of other applicants, with scores often given for each criterion. Usually, these scores are then totalled, and those with the highest scores are granted an interview. 


So, what are you waiting for? Let Ptype Global assist you today. 

Selection Criteria Documents