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If you have recently been declined a job offer, it may not have necessarily been your fault. Sometimes there is simply a more suitable candidate or the timing just isn't quite right at the company for you right now. With that said, a lack of preparation is the number one reason that candidates fail to receive an offer of employment after a job interview. Interviewers are often reluctant to give constructive feedback to candidates and you may risk making similar mistakes at the next interview, causing you to lose confidence and motivation.


Maintaining enthusiasm and momentum when applying for jobs and at the same time receiving rejections isn't easy. Thankfully, this is a process that you don't have to undertake alone. Ptype Global will help you by assigning a dedicated coach to objectively assess your interview performance. Your coach will motivate you, guide you, bring you back to focus, remind you of your strengths and help you to market your skills and experience in an attractive way.


Let Ptype Global help you to prepare for your next interview, so that you can truly shine.

Interview Coaching - 60 Minutes

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