If you are seeking an extra edge in your career, career counselling might be the answer that you're looking for. You may be wondering who, exactly, gets career counselling? Career counselling benefits individuals from all walks of life, from interns through to senior managers and beyond. At Ptype Global, we will assign a dedicated career coach to support you in achieving your career goals. We also partner with specialist consultants to ensure that we match you with the best person for your needs. You will learn to make informed decisions about the evolution of your career, set goals and build a roadmap to your destination. Build confidence, define your value proposition, set goals and work on your elevator pitch with your coach with your Ptype Global coach.


At Ptype Global, we understand that your personal qualities are just as important as your professional skills. Our career counselling programs are individually tailored and client-driven. This means that we facilitate the process, whilst you drive it, to ensure that you get the most out of this process. We utilise a series of behavioural and psychological tools, such as personality assessments to assist you in achieving your career ambitions. Our aim is to help you to assess your professional situation with a greater degree of honesty and curiosity, helping you to define creative and strategic goals. Our approach is process-driven, which means that we will celebrate every milestone with you.


We recommend dividing your career counselling time into 4 x 1 hr blocks, or 8 x 30 minute blocks.

Career Counselling - 4 hours