At Ptype Global, we know that your career path should be about more than your qualifications. We believe in helping you to create your future and legacy, without compromising your individuality. Our Career Consultancy department aims to enable candidates to seek and win jobs in alignment with their short-term and long-term goals, by creating bespoke products and providing tailored services. We actively engage with individual candidates to identify the unique skill sets and personal qualities, to create the ideal employer-candidate match.




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The modern workforce is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Efficiency-focused recruitment processes can sometimes lead to talented and qualified candidates being over-looked for jobs. High-volume recruitment agencies and top-tier organisations can receive over a thousand applications per vacancy. To keep pace with this level of demand, recruiters spend a global average of just six seconds, screening each resume. This is why investing in a professional resume service can make all of the difference.

Ptype Global’s approach to resume writing and design is highly unique, meaning that we are the ideal choice when it comes to ensuring that your resume will stand out from the crowd. Most resume writers use pre-written and stock text, which is copied across to multiple resumes within the same industry group. Similarly, most resume designs are made using standardised templates and this can mean that your resume will look almost identical to those of other applicants.

Ptype Global’s professional recruiters design and write each resume from scratch. Our products are bespoke and tailored to the needs of each individual client. We aim to authentically represent our clients, to ensure that no two resumes that we design ever read or look alike. We work to ensure that your experience, qualifications and personal qualities are marketed genuinely and highlighted in the best possible way.

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